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I express my gratitude to God for granting me the chance to assist others and provide service.


Here you will find a list of some of the projects I am working on right now. You can view an overview of each by scrolling left or right, and by selecting “see project,” you can go deeper into any one of the projects. I appreciate your interests, and I am looking forward to collaborating.

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The Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation, in association with Auralia Srl and Regenesis Ltd., is conducting scientific research and implementing a social nonprofit project called H.I.T. Malaria.

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It is a dream come true to bring together so many brilliant minds in the Vatican, a historically significant and spiritually uplifting location.

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Evolutionary Biohacking

In early July 2023, the Pontifical Academy of Science in Vatican City played host to an event set to reshape the future of scientific exploration, were IASC presented the newly published book “Evolutionary Biohacking: The Rise of A.I. in Regenerative Science.

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Nothing occurs by accident, and synchronicity led me to Regenesis Distribution Ltd. after working on Evolutionary Biohacking.

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In 2022, after winning the “Future Innovation Summit” award for “Cyber Security and Cooperation,” Sir Professor Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli started thinking about the use of artificial intelligence for evolution, peace, and social conscience, so he created the ethical concept of “Transcend.”

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Honors & Medals

20.06.2023 Knight Grand Cross of the order S. Michael of the wing (Portugal) Rome
04.06.2023 The Miner’s Axe (Barda górncza), given for the support of research and progress in science, Wieliczka, Poland Wieliczka
04.06.2023 Medal of “Dobrici” an Honorary Distinction of the Mayor of Wieliczka, Poland Wieliczka
23.11.2022 Knight of the order of St. Gregory the grate (Vatican State) Rome
02.06.2022 Medal of Capistano Ordinamiento Militar de Venezuela Rome
04.11.2020 Golden Eagle Medal (Albania) Tirane
19.06.2019 Knight of Rizal (KR) Republic of Philippines Florida
17.10.2019 Commander of the Order of the Million Elephants and the White Parasol Paris
14.11.2018 Knight grand badge Royal Order of Civil Merit of Laos Paris
18.04.2009 Knight of the Saints Maurice and Lazzaro (Italy) Ginevra
24.04.2011 Knight with honors of the Sacred Constantinian Order of St. Giorgio (Naples) Napoli
23.04.2016 Knight Grand Cross of the order of Prince Danilo I of Montenegro Cetinje
20.03.2009 E.U. Medal for the mission EUMM Georgia Brussels
29.06.2004 United Nations medal UNMIK Kosovo Pristina
05.10.2009 Red Cross (San Marino) silver cross medal San Marino
19.04.2006 Red Cross (Italy) silver cross medal Rome

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