Everything happens for a reason,

but you should remain the protagonist of your becoming and not the victim of it.

Embrace the change, the challenge, tackle wicked problems, use lateral thinking, become “valugenic”, be stoic, focused, informed, aware, coherent, creative. Be all you can be and with some help also all you cannot even imagine!
Makes no difference if you a political figure or a top manager an entrepreneur, a private business, a public or a non-profit organization, when you need a strategic advisor you can not compromise, you need a win win key figure.

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Blockchain & cryptocurrency

The other day I was interviewed by a tv channel because of my work as a strategist and the articles I wrote regarding technology and human rights. Blockchain is today an integral part of our world, cryptocurrency and smart documents are more and...

On 28 March 1991, the first episode of the telefilm “I RAGAZZI DEL MURETTO” was broadcast on RAI 2 Italian national television. Years of work and growth, of madness and friendship that led us to be stars of the small screen. The series...

Art of flow

Nature has developed us to enter in a very productive state for optimum results, called flow. The study of chaos, complex adaptive systems, neuroscience, the Evolutionary Biohacking all have merge in to the Art of Flow. This is not just a visual...

promoting Takime

Shaping the future

We can always aspire to be better, to do better, to be stoic in our becoming. This my new book out in Albania celebrates the incredible encounters that some times we are blessed with, people that have the power to shape our life. But only if we are...

cover book

My new book in Albania

This book “Incredible encounters” condensate years of work and experience. I am very happy it has being translated in Albanian. …The history of a nation is not in the minds and actions of the most but in the extraordinary and...

home office

Start your day organized

6:00 Am I am up!! Check my ketosis, and go to my home office, to write my new book “Evolutionary Biohacking” 8:30 am ready to go to work out. My schedule is flexible but I enjoy doing all that is on it… plus a little extra! Procrastination is...

Sir H. Prof. G.C. Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli