World Changers Summit 2024

On May 29, 2024, a significant assembly took place at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Social Sciences in Vatican City. It brought together influential minds from various fields under the banner of the “World Changers” community. Discussions encompassed a wide array of topics, including science, technology, and future prospects, all guided by the principles outlined by His Holiness. Eminent figures such as Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson graced the gathering, alongside Monsignor Viganó. The day showcased the ethos of inclusive and ethical technological advancement, culminating in the unveiling of the special Jubilee edition of the WCS 2025 ‘Transcend’ project. This initiative represents a pinnacle of integration and technological innovation aimed at benefiting humanity.

Sir Prof. G.P. Andreoli spoke at the World Changers Summit on May 29 at the Pontifical Academy of Science in Vatican City. At his speech Sir Prof. G.P. Andreoli invited globally to collaborate in a groundbreaking endeavor: the creation of digital avatars representing Saint John Paul II and Saint Mother Teresa. These meticulously crafted holographic figures will engage with visitors in real-time, facilitating dialogue and the opportunity for questions. Known as Transcend, this project seeks to honor the legacies of these influential saints while fostering cultural and theological understanding. Scheduled to debut at Vatican City in 2025 during a special World Changers Summit dedicated to Saint Mother Teresa, Transcend aims to become an internationally traveling exhibition, promoting continuous development and sharing among diverse cultures and nations worldwide.