Transylvania Summit

On the 28th of April, gathering at the Transylvania summit, Prof. Andreoli’s presence was not just notable but truly enriching. The summit served as a platform for engaging discussions and insightful exchanges among erudite acquaintances from various fields.

One of the highlights was the exploration of upcoming events, including the AIMS occasion in Dubai and the World Changers Summit in Vatican City. Prof. Andreoli also shed light on impactful initiatives such as Regenesis’s efforts in curing malaria and the innovative Transcend holographic interactive project.

A particularly noteworthy aspect was the anticipation surrounding Pope Francis’s involvement in the G7 discussions on AI, a topic that holds significant implications for the future of technology and society.

Among the distinguished individuals who contributed valuable perspectives, H.E. Mark Lindsay stood out as a Government Relations Specialist and U.S. Presidential Cabinet Appointee. Their insights added depth to the conversations and underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing global challenges.

Special thanks were extended to the master of Ceremony, Dustin Plantholt, and organizer Doru Borșan, for their dedication and meticulous planning, ensuring the success of the summit.

Prof. Andreoli expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share and learn from esteemed participants, including Queen Diambi, Queen of the Bakwa Luntu; Manuel Ruiz Alfaro, Creative Director & founder of Asterizco; Paul Woods-Turley; Abraham Charles, Founder & CEO of Eachandveryone; Anders Kristiansen, Ethereum Core Developer; Professor Akhtar Badshah, Distinguished Practitioner at the University of Washington; and Claudia Miclăuș, CEO of Brand Capital Advisors.

In conclusion, Prof. Andreoli’s participation at the Transylvania summit exemplified the spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange, reaffirming the importance of collective efforts in driving positive change on a global scale.

I will be flying to Romania to attend the Transylvania Summit to discuss H.I.T. Technology and present the “transcend” project.