Sir Professor Andreoli to Discuss Evolutionary Biohacking at “Art of Living” Event in Bangalore

We are thrilled to announce that Sir Professor Andreoli will be joining Sir Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the “Art of Living” in Bangalore this August along with Christof Glaser CEO for TLEX Europe and Prof. Adolfo Panfili. This gathering of minds will delve into the fascinating realm of evolutionary biohacking (EB) and explore the transformative potential of the “Transcend” project.

Evolutionary biohacking represents a cutting-edge approach to enhancing human potential through innovative technologies and methodologies. Sir Professor Andreoli, renowned for his pioneering work in this field, will share insights and perspectives on how EB can revolutionize our understanding of health, consciousness, and personal development, thanks to H.I.T. Quantum dot technology.

During the ten-day workshop, brainstorming and filming of the activities will serve as valuable material for a forthcoming documentary on evolutionary biohacking. This video aims to capture the essence of the joint work of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sir Andreoli and the profound implications their meeting will hold for the future.

Stay tuned for updates and exclusive coverage of this enlightening event where ancient wisdom meets modern innovation to shape a new frontier in human evolution.