Gabriele Andreoli, president of IASCOOP: AI will soon be a common good.

The president of the Institute For Advanced Studies and Cooperation (IASCOOP), Prof. Gabriele Andreoli, during a public meeting in the presence of Arco’s CEO Carlo Restivo and representatives of FastWeb, reiterated the commitment to continue research and study in the field of Artificial Intelligence in order to make a real contribution to technological development, understanding, and ethical and cultural regulation of this sector, as already stated through the research and development project “Transcend” during the “World Changers Summit” held on May 29 at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Andreoli then reiterated, “We have been following developments in this field for years, and we are developing a unique project in the world with the construction of a parliament of avatars representing all cultures of the world.

A major research and study project for the benefit of humanity is important, one that emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinarity and the ethical, moral, and human ‘sustainability’ of scientific and technological projects, and we are proud of the participation of the Holy Father in the G7 summit to be held from June 13 to 15 in Puglia. We remain available should we be of assistance for the good of the world and our beloved Church.”