AIMS Conference & Awards 2024 World Tech Summit

The AIMS Conference 2024: World Tech Summit, hosted by IASC and the London Intercultural Center in Dubai, brought together global experts to delve into the future of technology. Sheikh Dr. Eng. Abdullah Ali Al-Saihati and Hadi Brenjekjy delivered inspiring speeches, emphasizing the importance of human intelligence amidst the advancements in artificial intelligence.

Prof. Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli, President of IASC, highlighted the institute’s commitment to fostering innovation in artificial intelligence and biohacking. He showcased initiatives like H.I.T Malaria and Transcend, illustrating IASC’s dedication to driving positive change globally. Prof. Andreoli urged collective action to address pressing issues such as universal healthcare and environmental sustainability.

Expanding on the Transcend project, Prof. Andreoli articulated a vision of creating a parliament of lifelike holographic avatars, representing historical figures from diverse cultures and civilizations. This innovative approach to cultural exchange aligns with IASC’s collaboration with Heritage, aiming to preserve cultural heritage and ensure its accessibility through secure investments.

Overall, the summit provided a platform for meaningful discussions on the intersection of technology, culture, and global progress, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in shaping a better future for humanity.