Extraordinary encounters
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“Extraordinary encounters” published by the prestigious publishing house DITERO in Albania, is an essay that deals with the problem of relationship, with what embarrasses us, frightens us, and puts us in awe. The difference between a constructive and winning system and a closed and asphyxiating one is precisely in the ability to reach out to others, to make connections. Through encounters that I consider extraordinary with compelling personalities including film director Oliver Stone, architect Daniel Libeskind, motorcycle racer Max Biagi, artist rapper J. AX, musician Richard Horowitz, The Twelfth Executive Director of W.F.P., one discovers a proactive way to create contacts and added value.

La migliore mentalità vincente...

In this book “The best winning Mentality” by Lupetti Editore Prof. Stefano Santori and I have concentrated years of research and work and created a practical guide on how to forge a MindSet that allows you to achieve consistency and your goals. it has been published in Italy in 2020. The text is full of graphs and testimonials of famous people who tell their stories with me and compare them in explaining their MindSet. The book “Winning Mindset” was born with reason, introspection, and study following the development of the “Mental Paradigm Aureo” and the conception of the LiquidMindSetSystem. It then became thanks to the consulting company a vast program of study and development called “LiquidMindsetProject” in which many researchers participate and lead to the development of MindSetBiohacking.


Published by Gianni Golfera in Italy “Almost Like a God” is the result of an investigation that has lasted over thirty years and is still developing, leading to my essay 2021 on the evolution of biohacking along with the MindSetBiohacking Manifesto. In it I present the Golden Mind Paradigm and some studies and research within the Mindset, linking creation, imagination, thoughts to biology.

[…it is clear to us that observer and observed are subject to a common destiny as well as prey and predator, ruler and ruled. In fact, I do not understand how it was possible for some people to ignore this law defined “law of universal gravitation” that Newton postulated: In the Universe every material point attracts every other material point with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance. Maybe sometimes we forget that thought is energy, that biological matter…]


“LIE” is a serious book presented in a funny way, because joking you can say almost any truth. This again was the first attempt to tackle the subject of lies and will be follow in 2021 by the essay “The best lie”.

[…has a fundamental importance for our development and our evolutionary process. Lies are a kind of “staminal cells” that can medicate and compensate for deficiencies, mitigate horrible truths, reassure us in moments of discomfort. Perhaps this is why, while putting lies and liars on the stand, we are often inclined to forgive, forget, or pretend nothing happened. But if in a well-matched dose this trick of the psyche brings benefits, in other proportions the damage becomes devastating. Understanding how this process of our mind works, how to recognize a liar or how to manage not to be discovered, could be fundamental, certainly interesting.

The Multimedia Evolution: Winning Strategies

In 2015 when this book of mine came out we were in the midst of a revolution that would disrupt media and communication. I had created the first company for IPTV in Italy and studied and created an interactive film for mobile phones that was gaining momentum. This book is the result of those changes experienced by me in first person as a multimedia producer.

The brain, in recent years discovered neoplastic, is modified under immense pressure changing the way we perceive reality and relate to it. Business models and strategies must change. The “cloud” encloses our life and to communicate we use Face Book, Messanger, Skype, Twitter, Viber, we send emails or sms. On line, we open stores, we travel, we find love and sex, we satisfy our frustrations and fears, we cultivate virtual farms. …Iptv, web tv, My Sky, Rai teche, Social Tv, Back Channel, the hours in front of the terminals multiply, we are omnipresent, all no one and a hundred thousand. The world of video games in 2012 is worth 68 billion dollars. The end of the world as we know it has arrived! We are called to fight for the survival of the species and its most intimate meaning.

Sir H. Prof. G.C. Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli