The Art of Consciousness Expansion

May the force be with you

It's not my art, it's ours!

Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes in this multiverse it is difficult to trace the emerging phenomena that act on us on the event horizon. I see complex universes with incredible colours and patterns that intertwine and overlap, my optic nerve is deteriorating irreparably, the world that I knew and live and share with other beings on this planet is getting darker and darker, what for many is obvious for me is becoming difficult, very difficult: driving, walking, seeing obstacles, taking the stairs. Sometimes it’s comical to bump into objects that to others are visible and obvious, and to me are simply part of a disappearing world. But some things offer themselves crisp and consistent to me, we are a coexistence of ever expanding beings and energies. The universe is big and powerful, from my every atom it expands into a succession of events and boundless worlds, realities that intertwine and influence each other endlessly. MindsetBiohacking, consciousness expansion, friends, my joy and vision allow me to go beyond and materialize in this dimension beings full of meaning and energy, part of the creative flow of the universe of which I feel part and carrier. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they come out with more strength and determination the more there are contrary elements and challenges to face. For the good of all those who want to grow, share, build, learn. The angels of the flow are part of our becoming together with the research and study that with many of you and thanks to you I carry on. A continuous contamination between thought, creativity, research, sharing.

My father Gabriele Stori was an art critic and curator and a creative in his own right. He exposed me to the fantastic world of creativity, he introduced me to the world of Italian contemporary art of the 70’s and its artists. I remember afternoons spent at Mario Schifano’s house drawing, watching movies, spying on him while he was creating. Mario had a round bed (a gift from my mother) and in front of it the first example of a “multiscreen”, eight or ten televisions with different programs always on. I got to know Tano Festa, Turcato and Scanavino, I think, every birthday I received a painting and my father would tell me about the artist and the thought behind the works, for me it was the discovery of parallel worlds in which to immerse myself with him. With him I broke the mould, he made me draw on the walls and sometimes on my clothes… His last word reached me one evening on the phone: you eat, I’ll come. When you’re 12 years old you think life is eternal, things can’t end, not like this, and yet …His colors, his stories and our drawings have sprouted in me and over the years I have always loved drawing art, a passion that I tried to pass on to my daughter, together we spent afternoons drawing and today she is much better than me. In my desire to do, learn, share, for a long time I suffered sleep as an obstacle and not as an opportunity, for a long period of my life I therefore found this need of ours annoying. Luckily for me I’ve always had involving dreams, in which I was immersed in incredible realities and I was often shaken by the reality of the events.

I began to dream about angels, but more than dreaming about them, I began to perceive them in my dreams and at the same time to see parallel realities made of many dimensions, dimensions that I did not know in my waking world. I began to study more deeply physics and mathematics, discovering universes and theories unsuspected and fascinating to me. We live in a multiverse, in a reality made of at least ten dimensions of which we often experience just three. During one of the many meetings, I started scribbling as always, but at the end of the meeting a colleague approached me and said: wonderful, can I have it? I found the question rather bizarre and considered that document to be a private letter and not an ornament to be given away. I realized that I had drawn some angels and that I had been drawing them everywhere for months, my diaries, my notes, whole folders, angels with bizarre shapes popped out and accompanied me. Often they were complex drawings that were all one with the multiform space that surrounded them. Since then I collect them and I can hardly part with them. There are periods when I don’t dream about them and stop drawing, others when they crowd in and I feel the need to give them form. The places I visit sometimes influence my dreams… or maybe it’s the dreams that influence my choices about the places I visit.


I realized that angels have been part of my culture and my becoming in a pervasive and enlightening way, my name is Gabriel, that of an archangel, I lived for many years in Los Angeles (the city of angels) my first short film as an author and director entitled ‘Viewpoints’ revolved around the story of an angel, and still a thousand other events and situations. Certainly my studies on complex adaptive systems, vibrational flows and waves, and expanded states of consciousness are reflected in my multidimensional way of presenting these heroes of mine. The techniques are mixed, I use anything and everything, I have made fabrics with which I have covered chairs and armchairs, T-shirts, ties, I have an idea for making porcelain and a thousand other things. Angels are not strangers who come to visit us but they are an integral part of our becoming, my designs reach who they must regardless of my will. And the specimens that follow have been arranged in temporal order but also according to their own characteristics, as you will see and I explain as they are categorized.

Strange events or common synchronicities, however you want to call them, some events are related to my angels, or to be more precise, they are “emerging phenomena” of the system in which we are and we are in relation. I don’t want to say that they are miraculous even if in a certain way they are, at least for me, certainly if nothing else they bring in their becoming an energy of doing, constructive, lively directed to coexistence, which tends to good and harmony. With time I have understood that this propensity of mine is a mission in time. In 2020, after much analysis and research, they discovered that I have a degenerative eye disease, a condition that today precludes me from living a normal life and will lead to blindness. It seems that there is not much time left, the message that runs through me and that is realized in this creative flow is of strength and hope of sharing and love, joy and commitment, a message consistent with my life at 360 degrees. I don’t want this miracle to be the object of speculation, but to be used to finance foundation projects and good works for nature, children and culture. I have been very fortunate despite the bereavements and serious illnesses that have struck me. And as I said everything happens for a reason, everything unfolds on the extreme horizon of events and we are infinite beings, Angels in fact. We must learn to soar beyond our fears for a shared good. Love is the only form able to annihilate space/time, it is the fifth element that we can generate and share, it is the “creation”, the genesis, the source of eternal youth, the mythical Grall. May everyone have their angel, may every angel accompany and guide us, may they give us hope and strength, may they serve the good.

Art for art’s sake is wonderful but art that is done to generate good and love is a miracle. Perhaps this is the most beautiful miracle of my angels, they are you, they are all the people who through their actions form a network of cooperation using my art to convey aid and love to build a better world with consistency and dedication. In a short time I have seen the interest in this project grow out of all proportion, proposals and offers, aid and incentives have poured in. This great project is for me non-profit, and the foundation and the organizations that have developed with me the commercial part of the “licensing” of the “branding” are very clear that what we do we do to finance charitable structures, concrete actions that serve to generate culture, welfare, love. Only in this way will this immense machine of consensus and coexistence and collaboration that is being formed be able to grow and develop for the good, only in this way will the angels continue to flow and invade the world, protecting and helping us.

Finding enlightened minds

To carry on a creative research, to progress in its evolution means collaborations, physical spaces, comparisons, travel, tests, studies, materials, creations, models. An immense amount of work that is generated in creative collaboration with other artists, with the social scene, with technicians and researchers, with entrepreneurs and visionaries. For this reason, the scarcity of resources can slow down or invalidate the work. Everything happens for a reason and as the stoic emperor Marcus Aurelius reminds us “the problem becomes the path”. So when I thought I had reached a moment of stalemate, foundations, associations, friends, institutions, have appeared in my life and who in one way or another to support my research by keeping open this multidimensional portal, often the one that . Friends, entrepreneurs, professionals have come forward to support my study and research the creation of these angels and their flow. The foundation Civic Parliament of Humanity has made available its resources and account for the project Angels, the foundation Todisco of Rome and many other realities are taking action. Whoever you are, every means and way is welcome. The idea is to create a research institute for the welfare and dissemination of angels that can support research and MindsetBiohacking. The institute will be maintained by donations, contributions, and the sale of artwork and licensing of images. There are also plans to create a fund that will also be repaid with the activities of selling the supplements that we will develop and the training courses.

Generating Flow

This need of mine, my passion for “flow and angels” often draws me into a meditative state, a trans-artistic state in which my vision expands along with my consciousness and I feel the flow of the energies of beings. In this state of transcendental “Nirvana” time resets and messages flow. I began to use new media, to incorporate technological research, new media and techniques. I soon realized that to carry my creative message of ethical union courage strength needed resources. Carrying on a creative research and its evolution means collaborations, spaces, comparisons, travel, tests, studies, materials, creations. For this reason, my resources were no longer enough. Friends, entrepreneurs and professionals came forward to maintain my studio and research the creation of these angels and their flow. The foundation Civic Parliament of Humanity has made available its resources and account for the project Angels, the foundation Todisco of Rome and many other realities are taking action. Whoever you are, every means and way is welcome. The idea is to create a research institute for the welfare and dissemination of angels that can support research and MindsetBiohacking. The institute will be maintained by donations, contributions, and the sale of artwork and licensing of images. There are also plans to create a fund that will also be repaid with the activities of selling the supplements that we will develop and the training courses.


The uniqueness and recognizability of this work and the underlying message, research and ethics associated with it profiles a strong identity and allows for easily identifiable branding. Increasingly, major brands are looking for a message of purpose beyond “Luxury for Luxury’s sake,” the hope is to build a structure that can take the various tests and elaborations and strike deals with big names. In the past many artists and concepts have been married and launched with the synergy of international brands. Some proposals have been made but I believe that when the level of offers and collaborations will be the one hoped for and necessary the results will not be lacking. Requests for collaboration can be addressed to


The year 2020 marked an evolutionary leap in the creation of many prototypes, not least the Angels on my Head project, which sees the creation of 100 hairs numbered from 0 to 99 that will be displayed in the first major exhibition and will then go on auction at the end of 2021. As always, the net proceeds will go to charity.

The work is still long

For the realization of each prototype takes dozens of hours of work, this armchair that in my idea is not yet finished has already cost several hundred euros and over 40 hours of work. The fabric (raw cotton) was prepared and designed and was delivered in one piece to the upholsterer who cut and assembled it. Only when the result was finished it was possible to understand what improvements to make and it was decided to disassemble and sandblast the wooden part and then cover it with white gloss. Many other pieces are in the works, but it is a problem of creativity, space, time and resources.

The magnetic cube

The magnetic cube required weeks of engineering and the help of professionals as well as a lot of work to identify the images, the result was engaging and allows the creation of an object that can be modified by presenting new images.

A ray of hope

An association that was born from the heart, from an exemplary story of a child Andrea that I knew personally and that until the last fought with a smile and caring for others, embodying the true principle of “comunitas”, giving an example and writing words that still shine in my heart.

The association does so much for sick children, hosting them with their families, taking care of them in hospitals and doing everything possible to help them. When Fiorella, Andrea’s mother, asked me to draw a picture for the association, I realized that Andrea was sending me a message, it was time to start using my research and art for concrete good. We rehearsed and chose a joyful image to represent Clownterapia.

Current projects

We are working on a new site where there will be a section dedicated to the angels and creating a section where you can buy gadgets and participate in auctions of the works that will fund the foundation and humanitarian projects. We are preparing the material for an exhibition and therefore a catalog and the necessary pieces. Whoever can help and bring energy to this project for the shared good, will help to create a concrete path of personal development for the shared good. For donations the account of the association Civic Parliament of Humanity is available IBAN IT 90 D 02008 05003 000102720228, for other actions, suggestions or advice write to

Sir H. Prof. G.C. Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli