Nothing occurs by accident, and synchronicity led me to Regenesis Distribution Ltd. after working on Evolutionary Biohacking. Regenesis is the merging of fantastic people and knowledge, an incredible quantum leap into the future, a dream come true. It is a thoughtful and moral way of living, not merely a bracelet or gadget with all its cutting-edge technology. It is a charity initiative to combat malaria and a plethora of other diseases, among many other things. Our goal at Regenesis Distribution Ltd. is to establish the most innovative biotechnology business of the twenty-first century, contributing to the global transition towards improved health. We are accelerating humanity’s transition to a physical-augmented life and “Regenesis One” is just the tip of the iceberg. After being worn, the REGENESIS ONE gadget emits a range of extremely low-intensity electromagnetic signals that optimize oxidoreductive reactions by selectively modifying the ionic charges involved, so enhancing and favoring the body’s biochemical operations. From a chemical perspective, our biotechnology induces molecular and metabolic biological effects with great specificity using electromagnetic signals generated by nanomaterials and/or directed electrical charges. Through its NFC, the cellular smartphone may send information to the REGENESIS ONE device, enabling the subject (or the doctor) to select the necessary interaction and effects.